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Technology and real estate operations are rapidly starting to go hand-in-hand. With homebuyers primarily searching for properties online, many of the top real estate agents have embraced cutting-edge digital innovations. This includes increased implementation of websites and mobile apps (64%), smart key solutions (39%), social media platforms (28%) and camera and imaging equipment (16%). However, among these technologies, and other advanced tools seeing widespread use within the real estate space, there is one particular asset that seems to possess the most potential: navigable 3D photography. With markets in South Africa heating up, real estate professionals and the firms that employ them are looking to create engaging customer experiences that catalyse the ability to win more business, and 3D technology plays a major part in this.




In today’s hyper connected world, consumers are more informed than ever. With the use of technology buyers and sellers can educate them on life changing decisions such as selling or buying property. In South Africa we have a highly competitive real estate landscape, there is a variety of options, from agents to platforms. 

Naturally options are good and it creates good competition, but unfortunately not always to the benefit of our customers. We have longstanding traditional agencies, with years of experience and a brand that goes back in time, they are in a position to charge % based commission based on their experience and expertise. We have the rise of fixed cost agencies, relying on technology and ultimately trying to save the customer money to deliver the same service.  

This creates uncertainty for sellers as to who is the right option? Who will get me the result I need, and who can I trust? 

Sellers wants to ensure they sell their property at the best price in the least amount of time, whilst still being informed throughout the process. 

Buyers want to view property on demand, they have a defined requirement , combined with an abundance of options to consider.(Which area? What price is relevant? Is my agent the right one? Security? Political Unrest?) 

How do we solve this problem? 

Well honestly we don’t solve the problem,  what we can do, is connect buyers and sellers. We aim to do this buy making the lives of sellers, buyers and agents easier!  

How do we do this? 

We bring properties to the fingertips of potential buyers, utilising world-class technology we create immersive experiences for buyers.  

How does this help Sellers and Agents? 

1)Sellers are consumers of technology, most of the time the seller will also be looking to move somewhere. They understand the process and the limitations of finding the right property. 

2)Agents have a selling point to sellers. Utilising Roomtech and our technology you can differentiate yourself from other agents and agencies.





Speak about the benefit 3D and Virtual Reality can create for them, FOR EX. Increased Exposure, More Serious Buyers , Latest Technology, Better Security. If you utilize the tools we give you to your advantage you can offset the cost against the commission your customer is paying by adding it as an optional extra.



Once again, if you utilize the tools and use it to full effect, together with some creativity you can blow potential buyers away with an immersive experience, and you can reach them anywhere. How about having a virtual showroom with all the available properties in the area at a local mall or shopping centre. Why not travel to any interested buyer or seller and showing them multiple houses in one show, also allowing you to possibly utilize this technology for the sale of the current owner.




We all know that managing a rental on someone else's behalf is not the easiest of task and the responsibility is major. Why not use virtual reality tours during each inspection to show the owners and tenants the state and there can be no debate about the validity of that image.



We have bundled our solutions to the benefit of our customers. Different packages can create different value for different needs.

We are well priced and service driven.


Contact us today to learn more about our solutions.

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