Roomtech "Risking" it for the Real Estate Market.

As a start-up providing supporting services to Real Estate Agents and Agencies, we had this pre-conceived idea that our services would be easily affordable and accessible to our customers.


We couldn't be more unprepared or wrong in our judgement, the general notion is that real estate agents should be able to afford next generation technology and services at the drop of a hand, seeing that they are earning decent commission on the sale of properties.


What we have realised is the complete opposite, most real estate agents have to use their commission to keep their brand and business running whether it is to: create brand awareness, invest in "spotters", referral fees, social media costs, show-house etc the list is long.


Why are we stating the obvious? Well we had to go back to the drawing board and find ways of making it easier and more affordable for real estate agents, whilst still trying to stay ahead of the competition and winning new business. 


Our Solution to the problem:

  • Offer our services on risk to agents and agencies alike, where we can partner. So you only have to pay us once your property is sold or rented out, making it more affordable than before.


  • Bundle our offering:  We can offer you with two different packages, all inclusive of Virtual Reality, Photography and Videography at the cost of a normal photographer.


  • Focus on service delivery: The reality is any of our competitors can easily invest in better more innovative technology, the technology cannot be the deciding factor, our partnership with our clients is what will differentiate us from our competitors.


"All lasting business is built on friendship" - Alfred A. Montaper


If you wish to learn more about our offering please don’t hesitate to contact us

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