Why Roomtech can help you!

As South Africans lockdown is nothing new, we are inspired by the thought of lockdown being lifted, but also weary of how the world will look after lockdown is done.


We have adapted well and have found innovative ways to remain productive during these trying times. One thing lockdown has done is highlight and fast-tracked some of our outdated and ineffective business models. 


For the purposes of this discussion we will focus on how our solutions can be beneficial to the Real Estate industry.


Considering that most agents are solely dependent on commission income and/or rental income from tenants. Both these sources of income has been heavily affected, the deeds office is closed, meaning no new registrations of property effectively no income for agents. Tenants are financially impacted and in certain instances cannot afford to make their monthly repayments on time or at all.

That being said from what we have seen agents are resilient in nature, agents who are using this time to remain front of mind and innovating will most definitely come out of lockdown the strongest.


We understand that we cannot resolve any of your issues during lockdown, but we will focus on what and how we can be beneficial post lockdown:


3D/Virtual Tours are not something new to the South African market, this has been around for a couple of years. But due to certain factors it has not been possible for agents to incorporate this into all their listings. Some of those being the fact that service providers who initially invested in the technology saw an opportunity to sell this at higher margins; Lack of resources that could deliver these services; Lack of training on how these services can be consumed;


Roomtech has taken a completely different approach to this since our inception. For us VR and its benefits is definitely not just aimed at niche or luxury properties. We also firmly believe that VR will become as commoditized and necessary as photography in the market. Let’s look at the business drivers you can solve if VR is used to its full potential:


  • Marketing Power: The first and most obvious will be the marketing power it holds, it allows you to potentially win more mandates, if packaged in your offering to customers. Our solutions are fully compatible with all major property portals to ensure maximum exposure and can be shared on all social media platforms.
  • Efficiency: If you have VR across all your listings you become instantly more efficient, you have the ability to Fastrack viewings, show multiple viewings to potential clients and also to avoid the unnecessary preparation for viewings.
  • Security: The security risk that open houses and viewings hold is a real concern in South Africa. We are not saying tradition showhouses doesn’t have its place anymore, but this can be a suited and cost effective alternate to the traditional model. Potentially could also entice your seller into signing your mandate vs not signing your mandate.
  • Profitability: Our solutions are priced in line with what normal photographers are currently charging for their shoots, but obviously our solution provides you with the complete package including photos and 3D tours. 


Considering the points mentioned above the tours in the long run will pay for itself in the money you save on unwanted and mundane tasks.


We have bundled and built our solutions to meet the need of any agent, whether you are focusing on rentals or sales, whether you selling a property of R1M or R10M the benefits remain the same and we are willing to assist. We have launched several initiatives during lockdown that will enable agents to quickly convert current and future listings to VR.


We respect and sympathize with you and the current challenging times your industry is facing. With a national footprint, ideal pricing models and extensive experience in the industry, Roomtech will most definitely have a solution for you.


Contact us today to find out how we can help you move forward. 

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